August 4, 2020

Cs wants that the farms harmed by the tariffs do not pay IBI

Citizens propose a battery of fiscal measures to help the agricultural sector harmed by the possible tariffs that the US wants to impose. Spanish products and asks that farms have 100% of the IBI and the economic activity tax (IAE).

Among the measures proposed by the orange formation, to which EFE has had access, a flat rate of 30 euros is also contemplated for the self-employed and cooperative members of disadvantaged agricultural sectors.

This reduction in the quota of the self-employed to Social Security would be added to a decrease in the income tax modules for those who have an exploitation and are affected in their products by tariffs.

This is a series of "urgent measures, an orange lifeguard to alleviate the effects of Trump's tariffs and ensure that not a single job is lost in the Spanish countryside," said Citizens sources that impact that if they reach the Executive they will boost These measures immediately.

Other of these proposals would be the 100% bonus of Social Security contributions for workers hired in disadvantaged agricultural sectors and the promotion of credits or financial facilities to these businesses.

"A government cannot remain idle while the continuity of agricultural holdings and jobs in a sector that is one of the main sources of wealth in many Autonomous Communities and the first source of employment in thousands of Spanish municipalities are at stake ", notes Citizens.

In this way, the training led by Albert Rivera centers a good part of his economic program in the rural world, since to these fiscal aids the following must be added:

– Commitment to lower the nominal rate of corporate tax by 60% for companies that install or maintain their domicile in towns, which would pay a 10% rate from the current 25%.

– 60% reduction in personal income tax of people employed in rural areas and that women and young people under 30 who open a business in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants have a Social Security rate of 30 euros for 2 years.

– The self-employed who are fathers or mothers will not pay fees during the 3 years following the end of their permits for the birth of a child.

– Obligation of public service broadband connectivity (100 Mbps) in all Spanish, urban or rural homes and ensure uninterrupted access to wireless 4G technology connection in all urban areas and state-owned communication routes.

– Zero taxes on farms that change hands.

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