Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Cs urges Vox to explain to his voters if he wants to ally with PSOE and Podemos

The spokesman for Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has asked Vox to rectify and allow government to be formed in Madrid, and has urged the far right to explain to their voters if "their objective is to block the institutions and , even, allying with PSOE and Podemos ".

Speaking to the media during a visit to the exhibition '100 years of Metro', Aguado has warned Vox that if it blocks the investiture of the popular candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, "he will send us to second elections", although he has said that trust that it is not so.

Aguado has been "optimistic, to some extent" in the formation of government in the Community.

In his opinion, "the reality" is that the Santiago Abascal party "said he was coming to fight on the left and is allying himself with it, agreeing in Murcia to blockade a liberal government and in Madrid voting against Díaz Ayuso."

Aguado has pointed out that the agreement that Cs has reached with the PP in Madrid is not ideological, but "extremely necessary" for the Community and has warned Vox that "it would be irresponsible to block" the inauguration of Diaz Ayuso.

Regarding whether the voters of Cs are not going to understand their agreement with the PP to form a government that also supports Vox, has said that any citizen who voted them knew they would agree with the popular.

Regarding the proposal of Díaz Ayuso in case of not reaching a three-party agreement to go to a plenary session with her as a candidate so that each party can manifest its initiatives in the Chamber and be included in the daily session of the Assembly, has ensured no problems in this.

Regarding Vox's request for information on LGTBI training activities in schools in Madrid, the leader of Cs has stressed that his party is not going to take a step back in terms of social or individual rights.

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