Cs takes to the Congress the debate on the pardons to the prisoners of the 'procés' to force a vote on the 20th

Cs takes to the Congress the debate on the pardons to the prisoners of the 'procés' to force a vote on the 20th

In its interpellation, the orange formation shows its concern that the Government of Pedro Sanchez can end up pardoning the independence leaders who end up being condemned by the Supreme Court for the organization of the sovereignty referendum of October 1, 2017.

At this point, Ciudadanos recalls the statements that the Government and the PSOE, particularly the PSC, have made in favor of granting future pardons to those responsible for the "coup d'état" in Catalonia.


And this despite the fact that, according to Citizens in their text, those already processed have not shown "any kind of repentance for the crimes of which they are accused, nor is it expected to do so in the future in case of conviction" .

"Therefore, it would not make much sense to suppress or shorten the penalties that the courts deem reasonable to achieve a possible rectification that is far from occurring, if finally they were confirmed," he insists, to add that the granting of this measure of grace does not it would only "harm" the Spaniards but would "hurt" their rights.

The president of Cs, Albert Rivera, stressed Tuesday that in the vote next week, the PSOE will have to decide whether to say "no to pardons, yes to justice" or "yes to impunity, not to the Justice". As indicated, that positioning can mark "a before and after in the history of the PSOE", although he does not have "much hope that the sanchismo stop being the sanchismo".

Rivera has reaffirmed his commitment to "abide by what the judges decide", so that if finally the leaders of the 'procés' are condemned, he will advocate "the full fulfillment of the penalty as any other citizen", since "they have made to many people "in Catalonia.

The Interpellation of Citizens reflects the spirit and the letter of the proposal not of law that this group registered on November 2, a day after learning of the decision of the State Bar to finally seek convictions for crimes of secession and embezzlement of funds public for the promoters of the separatist process, discarding the one of rebellion, which entails much more serious prison sentences.


Despite its refusal to grant this measure of grace to the independence prisoners, Cs has not recorded an amendment in this regard to the reform of the Pardons Act of 1870 that is being processed in Congress to not grant this pardon to the convicted of corruption or sexist violence.

Yes it has done the PP, which wants to extend the prohibition to pardon those condemned for rebellion, although the text of the reform and the amendments presented will not begin to be discussed until mid-December because the paper that studies the reform of the Law of Pardons has now decided, at the request of the PSOE, to open a round of appearances. The groups have until the 20th to submit at most two names of experts to parade by the Justice Commission.

The decision of the PSOE, supported by all groups except the PP and Citizens, to call appearances now, when the amendments to the legal reform are registered since February, has stirred up the first opposition party.

His spokesman, Dolors Montserrat, has accused the Socialists of being "maneuvering" to delay the processing of the reform of the Law of Pardons and, therefore, to delay the vote on the amendment of the PP. "The pardons are the currency of Sanchez to stay in Moncloa," he said.


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