November 30, 2020

Cs supports the single command of Health, in the hands of the PP, in residences in Madrid

The Councilor for Social Policies of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Reyero and his party, Ciudadanos, supported this Friday the decision of President Isabel Díaz Ayuso to put the health management of nursing homes under the sole command of the Ministry of Health , that the ‘popular’ flaunt.

Not only do they agree, Reyero has indicated in an interview with Onda Madrid collected by the Efe Agency, but they proposed it from his Ministry, understanding that the problem in the residences is of a medical nature, and that these centers require “specialized” professionals. “because his” medical capacity “is” very limited “.

The decision adopted yesterday by the Community of Madrid, urgently activating a shock plan that involves a single command of Health in the health shock plan, has been interpreted by some media and opposition parties as a crisis within the autonomous government .

However, Reyero points out that this plan, which maintains the management of the residences under his Ministry beyond what refers to the sanitary shock plan, coincides with what was requested “for weeks” from his area, as sources also emphasize to Efe of Citizens.

Regarding the 1,065 elderly people who died in the 475 residences in the region since the crisis began, the counselor explained that not all deaths are related to the virus, since in the residences “people die in normal situations”, but they do “much”.

“The elderly are in a perfect storm situation in the residences,” said Reyero, who admitted that the “problem” with personal protective equipment “has probably contributed to not stopping the spread of the virus” and the absence of test has forced to isolate solely based on the appearance of symptoms.

Regarding the request that army sanitarians act in the residences, Reyero said that it was an initiative of his that he commented with Díaz Ayuso because “all sanitary hands” are needed to face the crisis.

From Health, the counselor Enrique Ruiz Escudero has explained, also in Onda Madrid, that this Friday a “case by case” analysis will be carried out in residences that have patients with coronavirus to obtain a “radiography” and act in those that have a most critical situation.

The intervention of the residences will also be of the Ministry of Justice, “since the order says that there must be a person in charge in the residences” and they will also provide fire services and civil protection.

Faced with the medicalization of the residences, the elderly who do not have the virus will have alternatives such as going to a hotel or going to the homes of their relatives, so that assistance can focus on the infected, a strategy for which they have claimed tests, Reyero explained.


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