Cs sees "unreal" now talking about budgets given "the uncertain situation"

The deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress, Edmundo Bal, said on Tuesday that he sees "frankly unreal" talking now about whether or not his training will endorse the next general state budgets (PGE), given the "uncertain situation" about the future. next.

Speaking to TV3, Bal has indicated that his party's priority is to establish "the necessary conditions so that when the virus passes we can get out of the stagnation of the economy."

To talk about the PGE there is still, he said, and not even known yet "what will Spain find when it goes to Europe to talk about budgets."

In any case, if the accounts are summarized as agreed by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, Bal has already announced that his vote will be negative.

But he added that Cs will make the decisions following "the same criteria" as up to now: "That they be good for the Spanish and compatible with our ideas," he said.

The leader of the orange formation has highlighted that the endorsements to the extensions of the state of alarm respond to "punctual votes" and nothing else, and has warned the Government that "it is important" to already design "a plan B" to get out of this exceptional situation.

He has not indicated whether the orange formation would support a sixth extension, since he said that in Cs they continue to be "vigilant so that the conditions" agreed in the fifth are fulfilled. Fifth / pll / ros


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