July 15, 2020

Cs sees the Catalan Minister of Culture as “extremist, supremacist and Taliban” and they will ask if he has pressured TV3

“Do you remember the boy who, in a movie, said that he sometimes saw dead people? Viallonga, sometimes, sees too much Castilian speaking on TV3. It is a shame the cultural Talibanism and linguistic supremacism of Vilallonga, who signed the Koiné manifesto, who Spanish speakers are considered involuntary instruments of colonization of evil Spain, “he lamented at a press conference in the Catalan Chamber.

For Carrizosa, it is “painful” that the minister rejects that in a series broadcast by TV3 Catalan and Castilian is spoken as happens in Catalan society, and he has also criticized that Vilallonga has claimed to have given a touch of attention to the director of the channel, Vicent Sanchis, and the acting president of the CCMA, Núria Llorach, for the content that the channel broadcasts these days.

Thus, the leader of Cs has stressed that they will ask them to give them information on whether this has motivated any type of pressure or request for an explanation to public television by the minister: “We will not allow the Catalan language to be appropriated by Extremist nationalists who want to expel Catalans from everyday life. “

“We will not leave the defense of this language, nor that of Castilian, in any radical political force. Catalan belongs to all Catalans. And we would do badly if we left this defense to extremist, supremacist and Taliban people like Viallonga,” he assured.


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