Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Cs retires yellow ties in the UAB and denounces to the Prosecutor's Office the escrache to Álvarez de Toledo

Cs retira lazos amarillos en la UAB y denuncia ante la Fiscalía el escrache a Álvarez de Toledo

The crusade against the yellow ties of Ciutadans has been one of its loudspeakers in this last year, in the Parliament, on public roads and in institutions. The placards and ties in the buildings of the Generalitat and in the consistories have been taken to the Electoral Board. This Monday, in one of his acts of the campaign of the general elections, have withdrawn ties from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

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It is not a new action. In the summer the orange party already launched a campaign in that sense and already it was seen Albert Rivera and Inés Arrimadas removing ties of the public road in Alella. This time they have been Carlos Carrizosa, spokesman in the Parlament, and Carina Mejías, number five for Barcelona in the elections of April 28, who scissors in hand have starred in the withdrawal of the symbol that calls for the release of prisoners independence.

Beyond that, the orange party has brought before the Prosecutor's Office the escrache of the last week in the UAB to the candidate of the Popular Party and its main rival in Catalonia, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. This has been revealed to the media by Carina Mejías, who has asked for an investigation into who instigated the escrache - pointing to Arran, the CUP and the SEPC - and has criticized "the passivity of the UAB's rectorate." Mejías thinks that "there are indications of a hate crime".

The so far Barcelona councilor has pointed out that last Wednesday "rights such as freedom of expression were violated" and to organize acts at the university "acting violently". He also remarked that "they will not be silenced in any corner of Catalonia." Mejías also mentioned Rivera's act this Sunday in Rentería, where he was booed, and has demanded a conviction from Pedro Sánchez.

On the part of the PP, Alejandro Fernández has asked for the resignation of the rector of the UAB and will take to the Parlament a package of measures to modify the security protocol of the Catalan public universities, reveals sources of the PP. "If Torra still does not protect the young people of 'S'ha acabat' for his ideas, we will denounce him," the sources said. In the PP they value that the Prosecutor's Office should have acted ex officio given the seriousness of the facts.

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