Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Cs plans to apply 155 "immediately", first point of its program

Cs plans to apply 155 "immediately", first point of its program

Ciudadanos has reserved the first point of its electoral program, which was made public this Tuesday, on the fifth day of the campaign, to raise the application "immediately" of Article 155 in Catalonia "to ensure the restoration of the Constitution."

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So far, the leader of Cs, Albert Rivera, had said that the first thing he would do would be to send a prior request to Quim Torra, to urge him to apply the Magna Carta.

In fact, he expressly mentions the president of the Generalitat in the program, stating that it can not be tolerated that "Torra and the separatists" use public institutions "to sow hatred and confrontation among Catalans".

To protect Spaniards from "coups in the 21st century," the orange party also proposes to update the crimes of sedition and rebellion to reinforce the instruments of the National Security Law and the Budget Stability Law to ensure that the work of the Mossos "responds to the loyal defense" of the legality and not "not a single public euro" is destined to finance the separatist process.

Another of the novelties included in the program entitled "The Spain of Free and Equal Citizens" is the reform of the Constitutional Court to "reinforce" its capacity for action, also establishing a mandate of twelve years for magistrates and they can retire at 75.

This chapter includes other proposals already known as the closing of the Senate if it is not reformed, the elimination of the prevalence of the male over the woman in the succession to the Crown, the reduction of electoral expenses, including the subject of Constitution and ending to "indoctrination" in schools.

Also, prohibit any person charged "formally" for corruption can go on an electoral list and that it is mandatory to hold election debates.


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