July 29, 2021

Cs leaves the commission of 155 after reproaching Junqueras for not asking for forgiveness

The parliamentary group of Cs on Tuesday left the commission of 155, after its spokesman, Lorena Roldán, reproached the former vice president of the Generalitat Oriol Junqueras, convicted of sedition and embezzlement, who has not asked for forgiveness.

In his reply to Junqueras, Roldán has asked the ERC leader “how he can keep his eyes” on all Catalans who are awaiting social assistance but have not yet received it because “the ‘procés’ wasted his money”.

“Can you keep your eyes on the Catalans who have approved dependency assistance but don’t charge it? Children in social exclusion?” He said.

“I had the opportunity today to apologize, to commit to return the money,” he added.

Roldan has told Junqueras that “he is not a martyr” and has regretted that he has appeared to “reaffirm himself in all crimes.”

“You are not martyrs, they were the instigators,” added the spokeswoman for Citizens, who reminded Junqueras that, after the events of October 2017, it was the orange formation that won the elections in Catalonia.

The deputies of Cs have not waited to hear the response of Junqueras to his intervention: “we are going to leave this commission, but not before urging them to rectify and let Catalonia go ahead and leave behind the black stage of the ‘process'” .

“Are they leaving now? Now that we were starting to talk?” Junqueras responded with irony.


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