Cs does not attend the 600th anniversary of the Generalitat for the presence of Torrent

Cs does not attend the 600th anniversary of the Generalitat for the presence of Torrent

The spokesperson for Citizens in Les Corts Valencianes, Mari Carmen Sanchez, has refused to participate in the institutional act of the 600th anniversary of the Generalitat held in Alicante to understand that "what had really been organized was an enclosure, a proclamation in favor of the independence movement with the presence and participation of Roger Torrent ", president of the Parlament de Catalunya.

"What a pity that the President of Les Corts, Enric Morera, and by extension Compromís, has instrumentalized the act and what a pity that he does not maintain such cordial relations with other presidents of autonomous parliaments and yes with a politician who skips the law to the bullfighter , systematically questioning our constitutional order, "Sanchez said in a statement.

It has denounced that every time that Compromís, partner of the PSPV-PSOE in the Consell, "is aligned with the Catalan separatists, the socialists hide their heads like the ostrich".

In this sense, has described as "very striking" the absence of significant positions of the socialist party "and said that in the Valencian Community" we do not want to settle the ghost of pancatalanismo, but it seems obvious that Ximo Puig does not want to see and hence his condescension in complicity with exclusive nationalism ".

The municipal spokesman for Citizens in the City of Alicante, Yaneth Giraldo, criticized the participation in the act of the mayor of the city, the popular Luis Barcala.

"As constitutionalist as the PP claims to be, we do not understand what he was doing there representing all Alicante as mayor of the whole city," he said, and said that if Morera has changed the protocol at the last minute, Barcala "should have had enough agility to abandon an act marred by sectarianism. "


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