Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Cs criticizes that Sanchez asks for the withdrawal of the canvas against him and does not ask for the withdrawal of the yellow ties

Cs critica que Sánchez pida la retirada de la lona contra él y no pida la retirada de los lazos amarillos

Citizens has criticized the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has denounced the canvas of the orange party "talking about the mattress" of Sanchez and does not ask for "the withdrawal of placards or yellow ties" of pro-independence character in the public buildings of Catalonia.

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"Sánchez denounces Cs for a fence that talks about his mattress and asks for his retirement, but does not denounce or ask for the removal of the signs that say Spain is not a democracy or the yellow ties of its partners Torra and Puigdemont," he wrote. training in the social network of Twitter.

Ciudadanos has responded like this after the Electoral Board of Madrid has ordered him to remove the canvas that is addressed to the President of the Government. On the poster - which covers an entire facade of a building - you can read: "My first decision was to change the mattress of the Moncloa .- Pedro Sánchez. Pedro, we are going to change Spain. "

However, the formation of Albert Rivera has warned in the same tweet that "soon" there will be "another response fence" to the order of the Electoral Board of Madrid.

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