Cs celebrates this Sunday in Antequera (Málaga) the first anniversary of the new Andalusian Government with Arrimadas and Marín

In addition, several councilors of the Junta de Andalucía will also attend an event that will take place from 11.30 am at the Lozano Hotel, in Antequera, the place chosen after the capacity forecasts have been exceeded due to the large number of requests for assistance He has received the match.

It should be remembered that on December 2, 2018, for the first time, the Junta de Andalucía stopped being in the hands of the PSOE-A, so that on January 22 of last year the eleven councilors of the Andalusian Government of PP and Cs took possession of their charges in an act that was celebrated in the Palace of San Telmo, seat of the Presidency of the Andalusian Government.

Specifically, the directors proposed by Cs, in addition to Juan Marín himself, are Rogelio Velasco - in front of the Economy, Knowledge, Business and University - Javier Imbroda, as head of Education and Sports; Rocío Blanco, Employment, Training and Autonomous Work, and Rocío Ruiz, as counselor for Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation.

In those elections of December 2, 2018 Cs doubled the number of votes obtained in the previous elections and went from having nine scales in the Andalusian Parliament to 21.


The Vice President of the Board, Juan Marín, has already moved in the last Governing Council of 2019, which was held in Córdoba, his satisfaction to see the change in Andalusia "consolidated" with the fulfillment of "more than 70 percent" of the agreement of Government between PP and Citizens.

Specifically, Marín called attention to the 679 initiatives promoted in 47 weeks by the Andalusian Government, which means the execution of "more than 70 percent of the 92 points" of the agreement between the two formations.

After assessing the "stability and trust" project of the Andalusian Government to "continue developing change policies", with "rigor", Marín stressed the "very strong pace" of impulse measures by the Board to "comply with much of the commitments raised. " "We will end the legislature with one hundred percent of the commitments fulfilled," he estimated.


Cs has stressed that, in this year of government, the Board has closed more than one hundred bars related to the PSOE-A, has created an Office against Fiscal Fraud and Corruption so that "history repeats itself again" and has launched the end of the outcrops and the limitation of mandates.

He also states that, thanks to the work of Rogelio Velasco and Rocío Blanco, at the head of the Ministry of Economy and Employment, respectively, in Andalusia, employment increases and unemployment falls at a faster pace than the national average, managing to close 2019 with the lowest number of unemployed since 2008. In addition, it has indicated the expansion of the flat rate for the self-employed, the impulse of an economy based on R + D + I and a lower bureaucracy.

In the educational field, the counselor Javier Imbroda has achieved that Andalusia has the largest staff of its history with more than 127,000 professionals, that Andalusian primary school children enjoy free books or that families can reconcile thanks to the financing of nursery schools.

In the field of Equality, Social Policy and Conciliation, according to Cs, Andalusian families at risk of social exclusion are seeing how their situation improves thanks to the more than 122 million euros invested and highlighted the Dependency Crash Plan.


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