C's asks for consellera appearance for "privileges" to sovereignist prisoners

The spokesman for Citizens in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, today called for the appearance in the Chamber of the Councilor for Justice, Ester Capella, because she considers that the Generalitat is giving "absolutely privileged treatment" to the imprisoned sovereigners.

In a press conference, Carrizosa has stated that it is "outrageous, illegal and morally reprehensible" that the sovereign leaders imprisoned preventively in Catalan prisons have a regime of visits with an influx that, in their opinion, is "exaggerated" compared to the rest of prisoners.

Thus, it has denounced that from Prison Services of the Generalitat is being given "an absolutely privileged treatment" to people who "have had all the opportunities in life and all the warnings when they committed illegalities".

Citizens has also requested the appearance of the Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló, for "instrumentalizing Catalan schools" and using them to "promote their story" about the 1-O, as Carrizosa said.

The orange training spokesman announced a third appearance: the former head of the technical office of the General Secretariat of the Vice Presidency of the Generalitat Daniel Gimeno, for the management of databases apparently used for 1-O.


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