Cs asks for an investigation commission on EMT fraud and demands "debug political responsibilities"

This was indicated by the spokesman of Cs in the City of Valencia, Fernando Giner, after this Friday the manager of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Valencia, Josep Enric García, announced an alleged fraud of four million euros of The public firm. Apparently, the falsification of the signatures of the EMT manager and others allowed to transfer money to bank accounts in China. The National Police investigates the facts.

In this context, Giner has asked to control that "within the company you get to the bottom of what happened" and has described in a statement as "extremely serious" the disappearance of four million euros of public money.

For his part, the councilor of Cs and member of the Board of Directors of the EMT, Narciso Estellés, highlighted the "importance of knowing the company's protocols and the curricular details of the current management organization chart and its functions manual" .

"We also want to know, among other data, the exact functions and protocols of the chain of command existing above the worker whom Grezzi dismissed yesterday and why charges pass controls and authorizations from the beginning of the payment process until his execution, "he added.

Estellés recalled that during the urgently held council on Friday afternoon "we were only provided with documentation regarding the contractual termination of the employee and verbally certain aspects of the internal processes, without any documentation with which we can contrast the explanations of Grezzi. "

Finally, he has demanded the Councilor for Sustainable Mobility and responsible for the EMT, Giuseppe Grezzi, "maximum transparency and respect for the presumption of innocence of the worker, in addition to promoting the right work environment for the rest of the company's workers."

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