August 5, 2021

Cs and the Macron party directly negotiate the liberal list for Europe

Cs and the Macron party directly negotiate the liberal list for Europe

Citizens and In Marché, the party of French President Emmanuel Macron, have assumed the leadership of the negotiations to form a unitary candidacy of the European Liberals to attend the elections for the EU Parliament next year.

What was three months ago was a project that Cs was weighing following an initiative proposed by En Marché, now are the two formations, as confirmed by EFE orange party sources, which has taken over the reins of this initiative.

An initiative that wants to involve in a general way the parties integrated in the parliamentary group ALDE (Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats for Europe) except the PNV and the PDeCAT, whose expulsion is being processed.

It is Luis Garicano, one of the vice presidents of ALDE and heavyweight Citizens, who is leading the negotiations by Cs and from within the parliamentary group, since the role that the president, Guy Verhofstadt, is having to carry out this proposal is practically non-existent.

In addition, from the orange party they see with resquemor some of their ideas for this electoral platform, as to raise the adhesion of the Italian 5 Star Movement, which is not even within the European liberals.

Citizens want to add as many liberal forces as possible and have a special interest, recognize the same sources, in dragging the German Liberals.

In any case, they are now very focused on recruiting partners to launch an electoral platform marked by a progressive and deeply European ideology that seeks to overcome the barrier of its own acronyms in order to obtain greater representation.

What they do not consider at the moment is to designate a candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission because they have to build this project first and they have not stopped to study the most convenient formula to attend the elections.

It could be a single application at a European level or each one to present itself with its brand, forming part of that platform, and which could then create its own group in the European Parliament.


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