August 12, 2020

Cs and PSC ask the Parlament to stop the delegation of votes presented by JxCat

Parliamentary sources have explained that the two groups consider that the decision of JxCat fails to comply with what was dictated by the High Court, something that they also share, and they have informed the lawyers of the Chamber.

Other parliamentary sources point out that lawyers argue that the delegation that the four deputies of JxCat requested at the time fell with the Supreme Court ruling, so they understand that they can not present it again on Thursday.

The petition for reconsideration submitted by PSC and Cs will have to be resolved by the same Board that has approved in the first instance that the JxCat delegation will be processed, so that, in all likelihood, the majority of ERC and JxCat will be reimposed, while that the request of PSC and Cs will be foreseeably rejected.

The initial time for the full resumption was 12 this Thursday; then it has been postponed to 19, but this new schedule is again not met by the controversy generated by the deputies suspended.


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