Cryptocurrencies, a new way of interacting with money

Cryptocurrencies, a new way of interacting with money





It is a virtual currency based on 'blockchain' technology, which acts as an accounting book in which operations are recorded and which has independent programmers as verifiers. In this way, transactions do not go through a single central place, but are approved from different places. The cryptocurrency is made up of a digital file with a unique code that is read through different programs that are used to view it, keep it and carry out transactions. It is "a new form of money that brings a different way of interacting with it."

Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to appear on the market. It was about the creation of a decentralized digital currency, that is, without a central bank that controlled it, without commissions on its transactions and without any elite group that made decisions about its use or value.

More than 7,000 types of cryptocurrencies are counted. There are real estate agencies that allow you to pay for homes in bitcoins and in November of last year PayPal announced that it would allow payments with this type of currency as early as 2021.

To access them, the options are to buy them, accept them as payment or create them. Another safer and easier way is to do it through a purchase platform or a financial intermediary. They can also be purchased at ATMs created exclusively for this purpose. Before doing so, it is convenient to read the conditions, since each entity charges different commissions. Once purchased, they are assigned a unique and personal password, which should be kept safe. It does not have a single or stable value, since it fluctuates according to supply and demand.

They are stored in so-called wallets that must be created specifically, of which there are about 64 million worldwide. It is software that can be stored on a computer, on a mobile phone or on any other digital device, but the most convenient way is to leave it in custody in a cryptocurrency bank.

The main benefits are decentralization, they do not depend on any bank, shipping to any part of the world quickly and without cost and the impossibility of counterfeiting it. Scarcity is another advantage, since the cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation. The main risk is volatility (sharp rises and falls in value) that can cause large losses in hours. Although there are also stable cryptocurrencies that have parity with the dollar or the euro, such as the USD Coin (USDC) or the DAI. Although it is not a risk, it should be noted that the transactions are fixed, that is, if a shipment is made to another person, it cannot be stopped or undone.

We are going to present, as a guide, five companies that are totally trustworthy and specialized in cryptocurrencies:

we start with laguia&luzona law firm specialized in cryptocurrencies that explains how they work.

Working in the world of cryptocurrencies has never been easy and our clients know it. The first inquiries that came to us were related to the disappearance of Mt Gox and were quite challenging.

Maintaining correspondence with a bankruptcy liquidator located in the antipodes, substantiating and exposing the titles of our represented implied moving in a new world, where the lack of regulation forced the use of intelligence to accommodate new realities in old wickers, which were not always enough to contain them. At the same time, many clients understood that this was not a risk-free scenario.

Currently there are many small savers seeking advice, also to bring out the results of their investments in the banking system. His doubts were inevitable in the absence of regulation and the lack of interest on the part of the Administration.

Anticipating the responses of the Tax Agency to Queries, we provided solutions that proved reliable to the issue of cryptocurrency taxation and especially the accounting record, developing our own tool to manage swaps between cryptocurrencies, their tax result and obtaining of inventories.

The 'blockchain' technology has opened up new possibilities in matters that are not related to finance. The inherent incorruptibility characteristics of its architecture have attracted new entrepreneurs. And The protection of its developments is a challenge that, as lawyers of the 21st century, we face with optimism.

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Phone +34 96 352 32 91 / +34 620 994 124

We have also contacted Super Lawyer to give us your vision of the sector and also explain how any case works, at any time and in any place.

We are Lexter Iuris SL, and we have built the largest platform in Spain where clients and lawyers can meet, under the SuperAbogado brand. We want citizens to be able to verify that they hire a specialist lawyer for a specific case. We want to be the Uber of Law.

Until a few years ago, technology did not make it possible to analyze the professional profile of a lawyer in order to check how much experience they had, what kind of matters they specialized in and whether they were more or less successful for their clients. That is why one ended up hiring a lawyer because a relative or acquaintance recommended us.

Technologies such as Big Data, today if they allow us and adding our personal monitoring, we select the best lawyers in each matter and in each place.

SuperAbogado offers clients a specialized lawyer for the type of problem they need to solve, and in their city.

We intend to make the legal profession transparent. That the old practices of lawyers be modernized in favor of the client.

We are the only legal 'marketplace' that accepts, in any hiring of one of the more than 1,000 lawyers that make it up, payments in Bitcoin and almost any altcoin that can be traded on any of the following exchanges: Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Hitbtc,

We embrace cryptocurrencies for all that blockchain technology stands for.

605059619 | [email protected]

We continue with LaudeMMedia, that presents its activity in detail, highlighting the activity of buying cryptocurrency mining Mining Rig At Laudemmedia we are experts in the configuration and assembly of cryptocurrency mining rigs. In the mining sector we have been a benchmark in this area since 2016. It is this time that we have had experience in the market of buying 'mining rig' that makes us experts and have already well-established knowledge.

We have a variety of services that you can consult on our website. Right now as a fundamental product we are offering mining rigs, since it is a sector that due to various circumstances is booming and we, as such, are dedicated to this sector.

There is no defined client profile, our clients range from farmers to investors. What we can define is that they have a common goal, to grow their economy. And they do it trusting in the investment of safe money with the purchase of 'mining rig'.

We believe that what makes us special is sincerity. At Laudemmedia we want our clients to feel completely safe and relaxed with us and that they feel that the money they invest in some of our services, such as the purchase of mining rigs, is done in a relaxed and confident manner.

[email protected] | +34 910 059 091

we couldn't let febelinka benchmark in the sector, who will explain how it works.

Febelink is the search engine for professional services. The Spanish company has created a technology that facilitates searches for products and services, and puts them in direct contact with the companies that offer them. In this way, people do not waste their time searching since they receive the proposals on their phone, and companies gain customers.

The Febelink platform incorporates the benefits of the Blockchain network, which implies security and the possibility of carrying out transactions through its FLAU (Febelink Áureo) token. This allows users to find themselves within the search engine and make their transactions outside the platform, or manage the payment directly online, with the security, speed and cost savings that this entails, without commissions and without intermediaries.

This technology provides what is probably the most widely used token in the world, since it allows its use in people's daily lives, for example to hire an advisor, a bricklayer, a physiotherapist or a lawyer. And all without having to leave the platform, in a very simple way.

The system uses the Stellar 'blockchain' network, which is specialized in the exchange of fiat and crypto currencies, which also provides a very high added value, since it allows users to use the method of payment or exchange they prefer.

Febelink and its FLAU token are now available for web and mobile applications.

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Last but not least, we have spoken with promoswip so that you also leave us a brushstroke of your work.

Promo Swipe was born in Alicante in 2019 as a discount App, Promoswipe.Store, available on IOS and ANDROID, where advertisers, institutions, clubs and users worldwide connect with each other to obtain great benefits, with the aim of boosting and promote local commerce.

Institutions such as Proliga, Betis CF, Alma de Europa at a European level, trade associations at a national level and many more, allow businesses and professionals to sponsor themselves in these entities for only €50. The scope of these advertising campaigns is aimed at the fans/followers of said institutions, making discounts of up to 90%.

For 50 euros, advertisers have a virtual office to be able to upload their offers to the institutions affiliated with Promoswipe worldwide, we are already visible in Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Holland and soon in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, with the objective of reaching more than 50 countries, more than 50,000 institutions, since the number of institutions is limited by countries and geographical areas.

Although cryptocurrencies are complex investment instruments, Promo Swipe has created its own global utility token, PSCOIN, available on PSCOIN.IO to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem itself.

As always and before making any investment, It is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional trustworthy

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