Cry and laugh with 'Things of the age' | TV

Cry and laugh with 'Things of the age' | TV

It is inevitable: it is to begin to see Things of the age and at 10 minutes the tear is already asking for passage in the eyes while you do not stop smiling. The program of # 0 (also available on Movistar + on video on demand) is a format halfway between the television program and the social experiment in which for six weeks a group of 10 elderly people in a residence receive a visit from 10 four-year-old children for two hours a day. The six episodes of this documentary – four have been broadcast so far – include those meetings and the activities in which both groups participate. A psychologist, a sociologist and a geriatric interpreter and discuss the progress and reactions of one and the other.

There is a quiet, exciting, healing television that reconciles you with the medium, makes you think and feel, and Things of the age is one of those examples in the line of other formats like The secret life of children or Radio Gaga, also produced by Dlo Magnolia and issued in # 0. The relationship established between children and adults is therapeutic for the latter and a novel adventure for the former. In the interviews to the camera of those men and women who are in their 90s, there are memories, sorrows, bitterness, the pain of loneliness. "When they come to see me, I'm the happiest man in the world, but then they leave, and when they leave me, I'm more alone than the one, it's the worst, closing the door is the hardest thing, loneliness. it will have to be endured, "says Andrés in the fourth chapter.

Meanwhile, the children pull the older ones to encourage them to do things they would not have dared before, motivate them to improve and offer their selfless help. They care about them, they give love without needing anything in return. And for the elderly, they are a responsibility, company, a way out of the routine. Even some unexpected friends. The benefit of these intergenerational encounters for both groups is evident from the first week.

Things of the age it is television of the good, of which it excites, of which it is made with care and care. Which is nice to see and with which one enjoys getting excited.


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