Crossing of accusations between María Patiño and Laura Fa: “I don’t feed hatred”

María Patiño and Laura Fa.

María Patiño and Laura Fa.

Maria Patiño has shown his discomfort for the statements made by Laura Fa about his colleagues from ‘Sálvame’ on ‘La Fábrica’, Gabriel Rufián’s program on YouTube. During her talk with the ERC politician, the Catalan referred to the presenter of ‘Socialite‘as “a peculiar person”, he called Paz Padilla “out of place” and defined Chelo García Cortés as “old.”

After the repercussion that these words have had, Patiño has used his Twitter account to respond forcefully: “If there is something that I am very clear about in my profession, it is never to disqualify colleagues. It is about respect, education and professionalism.”

By allusions, Fa has defended himself and stressed that it is “important to see everything before giving an opinion”. “There is not a single disqualification to my colleagues. And if you want to feed the hatred in networks towards me, guide yourself only by the headlines and get angry without coming to mind, do it. There you with that respect that you say you have,” he added .

Far from putting an end to this confrontation, Patiño has chosen to continue with the crossing of accusations: “I think about what I know and what I see! Never about what I read!”. “I don’t feed hatred …”, the tertuliana has dropped, who claims to have “exposed” the “intolerance” of his fellow program.

During the morning of this Friday, Patiño has continued to publish tweets regarding this matter: “I have been in this profession for many years. My parents taught me that the only way to integrate into life is to live with different people without pointing them out for not being like you. “. “For me to be brave is to live with different ideologies, different cultures and above all to have respect for the experience,” he pointed out.


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