Critics with the mayor of San Juan ask for explanations for the FBI registration

Critics with the mayor of San Juan ask for explanations for the FBI registration

The critics with the mayor's media of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, today asked for explanations for the registration by the FBI of the Municipality of the Puerto Rican capital before an alleged case of corruption.

The vice president of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, Lourdes Ramos, of the ruling New Progressive Party (NPP), said in a statement today that the mayor of San Juan should face and not hide behind a simple "tweet" in the networks social actions before the action of the federal agency in your municipality.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States appeared on Tuesday at the facilities of the Municipality of San Juan, specifically in the offices of the Municipal Tower of the district of Hato Rey, before the alleged destruction and falsification of documents by the Purchasing Division of the town hall.

The director of the FBI in Puerto Rico, Douglas Leff, justified the search for the hypothetical destruction and falsification of data, although without going into details.

Cruz limited himself to pointing out the matter that gave instructions to collaborate with the federal authorities.

"Carmen Yulín must stop being a frequent traveler and put her feet in San Juan, which collapses in corruption If she is very willing to talk to American journalists about any issue, she will respond without evasive to the country's press about the findings to his administration, "said the vice president of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico and member of the PNP.

"That the director of the FBI say without reservations that in San Juan there has been fraud, destruction of documents and obstruction of justice breaks with the tradition of 'neither deny nor confirm' with which the Federal Bureau of Investigation sustains its inquiries. of serious and very serious crimes that denote corruption, "said Ramos.

For that reason, the legislator demanded that she "give a face" to the people of San Juan and to the whole country to whom she intends to sell her aspiration to governor and that establishes beyond doubt that there is no corruption in her administration.

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, spoke on the subject to ask Cruz to publish the results of the internal audit he ordered in 2017 on the Purchasing Division of his municipality.

The local press said today about the FBI record that among the documents they were looking for would include a file related to the award of a contract to BR Solutions for the purchase of security doors and windows for the municipality.

The owner of BR Solutions, Leonel Pereira, denies any irregularity as alleged by the former purchasing director of the municipality of San Juan, Yadira Molina.

The origin of the matter is in a lawsuit before the federal court filed by Molina, who says he was fired for reporting illegal practices.

The former employee sued the municipality, but not the mayor or another official for irregular practices that would favor BR Solutions.

Local media point out that one of these practices would be the purchase of goods at the end of the days with the requirement that everything ordered was available the next day, which obliged providers to raise their rates.

In addition, the former employee reported that one of the companies supposedly benefited, BR Solutions, received the list of what was to be requested before the rest of the suppliers.

This company would have presented itself as different companies although, really, it was a single supplier.

The registration by the FBI follows that carried out by personnel of the Comptroller of Puerto Rico in June 2017 in several facilities of the Municipality of San Juan in search of information on several ongoing investigations.

During July 2017, Cruz itself announced an independent audit after the Comptroller's initiative.


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