Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Critics of IU demand that their formation participate in the negotiating commission of Podemos with the PSOE

"We claim that the IU management requires We can directly participate in the United Negotiating Commission of the Podemos for the investiture," demanded the + Left address from its official Twitter account.

And the position of this critical sector is contrary to the idea of ​​Podemos to focus the negotiation on achieving a coalition government with the PSOE. After the failed investiture of July, Cayo Lara already publicly requested * to end the battle of the 'story' and turn into a programmatic investiture agreement and then stay out of the Government monitoring its compliance.

"No more stories. Facts. Investiture with program and each one in his seat," said the former federal coordinator of IU before Garzón.


From the direction of the United Left they also distanced themselves from the negotiation strategy of Podemos. For the Garzón team, the priority is to negotiate a programmatic agreement with the PSOE, rather than talking about Ministries.

In that context, from the PSOE they do not rule out that President Pedro Sánchez extends the round of contacts with parties planned for the end of August and beginning of September with the idea of ​​calling separately partners of Podemos, both United Left and In Common, as a form of pressure on the purple match.

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