June 18, 2021

Critics admit that it would be serious for Cs that Arrimadas lost the primary

Citizens critics around Francisco Igea have recognized that the worst option for the party would be that Inés Arrimadas lost the primaries, something very unlikely, and won the candidacy of the vice president of Castilla y León, who has not yet decided if he will take the step .

It would be a serious setback for the orange formation because, in the event that Arrimadas continued, something that would remain to be seen, it would break the unity of political action, sources from this sector point out to EFE, since the party leader would not have the visibility of the Congress.

They admit that it is almost impossible to defeat the Jerez leader, who has the support of what remains of the Albert Rivera apparatus and most of the bases, but it was also impossible to win the Castilla y León primaries against the official candidate and Igea did it after uncovering the punch.

For now and until February 26, which is when you have to formalize the candidacies to preside over Citizens, Igea plans to keep the pulse of the manager of the party, in whose networks she sees Arrimadas trapped, and continues to threaten to appear if the party does not Gives more voice to territories and affiliates.

It has already launched the platform Ciudadanos Eres Tú, which officially opens this Friday in Barcelona with a public event to send all the groups their proposal to put the party on track with a more decentralized and participatory model.

For the moment, it is only a question of obtaining support between the bases to promote the vote of an amendment to the totality to the statutes proposed by the manager in the extraordinary Assembly of March, that, among other things, guarantees the protagonism in the decision making and in the election of the different organs of the party, including the territorial coordinators.

They demand more participation and more accountability to avoid mistakes, such as the 10N electoral disaster, which renovators largely attribute to the veto to agree with the PSOE; They also want to expand the system of internal weights and counterweights with independent truth bodies and assess the discrepancy instead of punishing it.

Critics are convinced that the manager will try by all means that this proposal will not be debated, but sources of the orange interim management claim that the amendment is going to be discussed because “it is logical”, although they are sure that it is not will get ahead.

And it is very difficult to do so because of the composition that the General Assembly will have: the members of the outgoing General Council (125 members), the 16 members of the manager, the members of the elected Executive (between 20 and 50) and those elected by the affiliates (one commitment per province plus an additional one for every hundred militants).

The census of the militancy to be able to vote in the process was closed last week, but they have not yet made public the number of affiliates, which in the month of June, last data provided, was about 32,000.


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