July 25, 2021

Criticisms of Paz Vega for supporting Lucía Etxebarria’s words about trans women

Lucía Etxebarria and Paz Vega.

Lucía Etxebarria and Paz Vega.
EP, Reuters

The actress Paz Vega has become the target of criticism on social networks after supporting with the icon of a purple heart a controversial post on Instagram about the writer’s transsexual women Lucia Etxebarria , who questioned that these use the women’s public restrooms.

In the post supported by the interpreter, Etxebarria was against women with “a perfectly functional penis” accessing the same bathroom as her, and recalled that she was raped “at the point of a razor”, an assault that went unpunished, as he explained. “As I did not resist, they did not believe to me”, summarized.

Etxebarria’s publication intended to respond to Rosa María García, a woman and transsexual activistHe, who told, also on social networks, how he had entered the women’s bathroom for the first time.

“Now tell me if you would stay alone with Rosa María in a bathroom. Tell me if you understand my position. Tell me if you think that the PSOE supports raped women“Asked the writer, who has starred in various controversies for her vision of trans people, including in front of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, which he accused of being “misogynistic” and inciting “harassment” against him.

Rosa María García herself responded to the message and its support from the actress, regretting that “a good bunch of riffraff” want to “eliminate” her.

“After a process of years, there comes a time when you have to assume that you are trans. And a good handful of mobs want to eliminate you, of course. And one day you find that a well-known writer harasses you, and an actress that you grew up seeing helps and congratulates“, has denounced.

Later, Etxebarria deleted the publication endorsed by Paz Vega, but he published various messages on Instagram and Twitter to show his support for the actress for the “harassment” suffered and expand on his theories and criticism against the PSOE and the draft law on transsexual people.

“Can a person who maintains 100% male anatomy enter safe spaces for women? Does the safety of women and girls have to be subject to the felt identity and what a person says or thinks they are?” written on one of them.

On Twitter, many users have censored Paz Vega’s support for Lucía Etxebarria , criticizing the “aberration” and “hurtful” of the opinions of two “hateful” people who practice “harassment” and “transphobia”.


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