Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Criticism of the spectators for the influence of La Sexta when talking about the storm

Report a temporary it has become a show in TV. Used to see the images of journalists from the United States, enduring hurricane gusts of wind every time they have occasion, some reporters of The sixth has done the same taking advantage of flooding that are occurring today in the Spanish east.

Specifically, this morning a live connection was seen during the program presented by Antonio García Ferreras, Red Hot, where the reporter Paco Cerdán played the type when reporting from a local road of Cieza (Murcia) cut by a torrent of water. The journalist, instead of showing the effects of water from afar, was within the area where the water passed at full speed.

"The local police prevent vehicles from passing because you look at how fast, how fiercely, the water goes down," said the reporter dressed in a raincoat and water boots from the middle of the road. "It is impossible to walk," he insisted as the camera showed how the torrent was lost down the ravine.

The image, shared on social networks, has accumulated criticism from Internet users, which They accused the program of “reckless” and of doing “just the opposite of what Civil Protection recommends in these cases”. Throughout the day, the news programs of all the chains have focused on showing the devastating effects of the cold drop but without putting such reporters at risk.

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