March 7, 2021

Criticism of “Richard Jewell”: Serve and protect ★★ ✩✩✩

Address: Clint Eastwood. Script: Billy Ray, according to Marie Brenner’s article. Interpreters: Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates. USA, 2019. Duration: 131 minutes Drama.

We have reached the extreme, Eastwood tells us, that wanting to do your job well in America can be confused with a pathological or anti-systemic feeling. That is why the protagonists of his latest films – the soldier of «The sniper», the pilot of «Sully», the military of «15:17 Train to Paris», now the security guard of «Richard Jewell» – are only men currents that fulfill their obligation of good citizens in extraordinary circumstances and then be treated as outcasts by society. All these films are based on real cases, as if Eastwood wanted to certify his theory about the contemporary world – The salvation of the community depends on the moral dignity of the individual, which is what no government or means of yellow communication can rob him in his operations of public lynching – with the matter of life itself. Being so similar in structure and intentions to the magnificent “Sully”, the problem of “Richard Jewell” is in its approach to its protagonist, and in the poetic licenses that Eastwood seems to take with reality so that its equation matches its vision of world.

Clint Eastwood doesn’t know if Richard Jewell is an autistic, a big boy or a good man. He is able to look at the smallest detail as a shrewd policeman would do because his goal in life is to protect people, but Eastwood does not hesitate to suggest that this character trait has something neurotic when he is fired for overreaching his duties. That obsessive dimension of his personality is what allows him to save hundreds of people by aborting a terrorist attack at a summer concert during the Atlanta Olympics, but when the FBI treats him as if he were the main suspect, Eastwood never clarifies whether he is helpful. of his attitude has to do with his immaturity or with a infantilism that could be extended to a society in gregarious ecstasy while dancing the “Macarena” of Los del Río. We never know very well who Richard Jewell is because it acts according to the demands of a script that is invented to an FBI agent without another agenda than to make a fool of himself and portray without complexes a journalist who seems to enjoy selling his body in exchange for an exclusive. Pure fat brush. The most interesting thing about “Richard Jewell” is that the path of learning that the protagonist has to follow is that of distrust of people who do their job badly, often, says Eastwood, installed in the institutions.

The allergy of the individualist Clint Eastwood to everything that smells of institutional

It’s anything but subtle, especially in his portrait of the journalistic profession


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