Criticism of Justin Trudeau for going on vacation during Easter

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried Tuesday to defend his decision to travel with his family to a rural residence to spend Easter despite Canadian authorities recommending that he not take trips to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Trudeau, who has been hosting daily news conferences since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis although he broke this practice for the past three days, has been criticized for spending Easter at Harrington Lake, Canada’s prime minister’s rural residence located in the vicinity of Ottawa.

But today, Trudeau defended his decision because he had spent three weeks with his family living in Harrington and he working in Ottawa, saying that they followed “all instructions from the health authorities.”

Trudeau’s justification contrasts with the messages sent over the past few weeks by the Canadian authorities and reinforced last week to avoid all non-essential travel and traditional family gatherings for Easter celebrations.

The authorities even went so far as to recommend to Canadians that this year they replace family dinners to celebrate Easter with virtual meetings through videoconference services such as Skype or Zoom.

Trudeau is not alone in facing criticism from the Canadian population for failing to implement the recommendations that the authorities are giving to citizens.

Opposition leader Conservative Andrew Scheer also tried to defend his decision to travel with his wife and five children on a government plane in which it was impossible for passengers to maintain the minimum recommended distance to avoid the spread of COVID on Tuesday. 19.

Scheer said today that he “seized” the opportunity to use a nine-person government reactor, in which two other Canadian MPs were traveling, to take his family to Ottawa from Vancouver.

“We decided to take a flight with just two other people. We took steps to ensure minimal interaction, my wife brought disinfectant wipes and to avoid talking wetly (sic) with each other,” Scheer explained.

Authorities are reinforcing the message of the importance of maintaining social distance to avoid more COVID-19 infections when the beginning of spring is causing many Canadians to take to the streets to enjoy the rise in temperatures after the harsh Canadian winter. .

As of today, Canada has recorded 26,897 cases, 1,217 more than on Monday, and 898 deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, authorities warned that, in the best case scenario, between 22,000 and 44,000 Canadians could die in the coming months from COVID-19.

And Trudeau noted that the Canadian government’s forecast is that the peak of the infection will be reached in the coming weeks.


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