Criticism of 'Cuéntame' for the scene of Maria without a mask

Scene that has unleashed criticism.

Scene that has unleashed criticism.

The 1 has premiered season 21 of 'Tell me how it happened'. The new installment takes place between the years 1992 and 2020 and will include in the plot the pandemic of coronavirus. The first episode has come full of controversy, since one of the characters appears in breach of security measures after removing his mask.

The chapter reveals the serious state of health of Antonio Alcántara, played by Imanol Arias. His daughter María, who in her adult version is played by Silvia Abascal, is a doctor at the hospital where he is admitted. The protagonist calls her brother Carlos, Carlos Hipólito's character, to inform him of the situation.

"Dad has had a relapse. I don't think I'll get over tonight" he announces. Spectators have noticed that, to talk on the phone, María removes her mask despite being in a hospital. This detail has generated controversy on Twitter, where many users have charged against the production. "With the mask removed inside the hospital. Not even in fiction do we follow the rules," lamented a tweeter.

"Was it necessary for Maria to remove her mask to talk on the phone and inside the hospital? That didn't seem like something very appropriate," said another fan. "That with a mask you can also talk on the phone. Do not teach that because then people take it literally, "stressed a viewer.

The coronavirus pandemic will not be the only real event of 2020 that makes the leap to 'Tell me how it happened'. Joaquín Oristrell, script coordinator of the series, has already revealed that the storm Filomena will also be reflected in the plot. "Filomena will be one more character," he commented. He also stressed that Merche, Ana Duato's character, will be one of the first to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.


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