October 20, 2020

Critical Pride does not renounce the street and demonstrates to vindicate “all dissent” and the end of LGTBIphobia

That the first Pride was a revolt, is responsible every year for putting on the table the most alternative and subversive LGBTI march that runs through Madrid. Critical Pride has decided to hold the demonstration on June 28, the day that the Stonewall (New York) uprising for LGTBI rights is commemorated, despite the coronavirus health crisis. This year it will be the only street march in the capital, after the organizers of the official Pride have transferred it to virtual format and to the balconies.

The demonstration left the Madrid station of Atocha after 7:30 p.m. and once the column from Vallecas, called by the Orgullo Vallecano collective, had joined. In the hands of this last group, a banner that says “normality does not exist”.

This year, the coronavirus has reduced attendance – which on previous occasions had multiplied considerably. As usual, the diversity of flags and colors stars in a demonstration to which this time the masks – many vindictive – with insignia, rainbows or trans and bisexual flags are added.

According to Lur, a spokesman for the Critical Pride Platform, when the group began to meet, at first virtually, they thought that it would not be possible to march in the streets, but finally they decided “that it was even more important than ever.” The protesters denounce “the commercialization” of the official Pride, so “this year, which there is not, it is key to see that the fight is on the street and that there is a diversity of bodies and identities beyond man, white and gay who is usually in the collective imagination, “he says.

Under the motto “Pride is protest. Dissidence is resistance”, the protesters claim “all dissent” of “identities, orientations, practices and bodies” and “diversity” against “pink capitalism, the extreme right and transphobia”. They also denounce “all the aggressions” suffered by the LGTBI collective “for being outside the norm” and reject “a return to normality that criminalizes our bodies and further precarizes our lives,” they argue in the manifesto.

After the banner of the head, individual people march and the different blocks and collectives, among them the association ‘Euforia. Trans-Allied Families’, with trans boys and girls, the bisexual, anti-racist, non-binary block or the Bollero Block. Mónica García belongs to him, who holds the banner with other colleagues: “I have not hesitated to come. We are going to terraces because it is allowed and I think that is much more expendable; now it is very important that we be seen, because with the confinement we have been reassembled, “he explains. In addition, she claims the visibility “of the buns” because “despite the fact that people have a prototypical idea of lesbians, the reality is that there is a very diverse amalgam”.

“Pride will be anti-racist or it will not be”, “transsexuality is not a disease” or “enough of biphobia” are some of the slogans that the attendees chant as they move through Madrid’s Paseo del Prado, while from a megaphone they reminds attendees of the use of masks and that there is a cordoned off area “for vulnerable people”, either due to the coronavirus or for any other reason, explains Lur.

In other cities such as Murcia or Bilbao there are also demonstrations in defense of LGTBI rights on this 28J, which he gave the starting gun. the Barcelona march on Saturday. In all of them the messages that appeal to the alliance with other social struggles stand out, such as environmentalism, anti-racism or the right to housing and the end of job insecurity.

In Madrid, the Critical Pride was born 14 years ago, it became a platform in 2017, when the capital hosted the World Pride, which was considered by this alternative bloc as a sample of the “neoliberal drift” and “commodification” of Pride. Thus, the activists, heirs of the groups queer Madrilenians from the nineties such as Radical Gai and LSD, focus on the business network that sponsors the event and that is reflected in the usual floats with company logos that parade every year after the demonstration.

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