June 13, 2021

Cristofer Clemente climbs Mount Teide from his house – La Provincia

In the absence of space, the tape is good. The rubber athlete Cristofer Clemente ascended from his house to 3,718 meters high, where the Teide peak is located.. He and members of the team mountain racing Salomon Lati They chose a summit with some special meaning for them and added that gap by running on a treadmill, climbing stairs or with the help of a pair of boxes.

At the end of training, Gracious He expressed his satisfaction: “It is a mountain that has always been present in my life, that coming from my house I can see it and it is the highest in the country. The challenge has been hard. They have been 31 kilometers on treadmill, with a 12% incline. I’ve suffered a lot from the heat. I have changed my shirt several times, I have drunk a lot, I have eaten € It was worth it and we have killed the bug. “


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