Cristobal Montoro: "If you have a great goal, don't mix it up with others"

You were very scary.

Inspection shouldn't scare us if we've done things right.

This answer is also scary.

Taxes respond to democratic laws.

The taxes are excessive.

The dissatisfaction of the average taxpayer has been studied and responds to the belief that there is always someone richer who pays less.

It's true.

Sometimes yes. But this average taxpayer does not have a perception of the distribution of wealth based on statistically reliable data but on a feeling of wrongdoing.

The ineffectiveness of the State is not just a feeling of injury.

Well, you're right. The State is perfectible, but for the moment we have not invented anything better than a progressive tax system with taxes around income, based on

in that who more has, more contribution.

The extractive impudence of the Treasury kills economic creation.

The State does not exist without the Treasury. Hacienda is its great machinery.

When you were a minister, some complained that they were inspected for being on the left.

It is impossible for an official of the Tax Agency to receive the order to inspect someone because he has written against the Government.

"The Hacienda shark has taken everything," wrote Sabina.

Hacienda in Spain is very professional. No one can detract from its objectivity. 90,000 inspections are carried out per year, mainly aimed at those with the greatest economic capacity.

Hacienda steals me.

If he takes you away, it is because he has a place to take away. Spain has a comparable tax system, comparable to its neighboring countries.

Do we get what we pay for?

Yes, but it is also that public services exist for others to consume. They don't end with you.

You are the one who has signed the most budgets in democracy.

Mariano Rajoy and I are the only ones who were there from the first day to the last of the two governments of the PP.

Aznar, Rajoy.

When Spain is in crisis, vote for the PP. Now we do not remember it, but in the 90s the crisis was very severe. We wanted to be in the euro and we did not fulfill a requirement. We moderate spending, until it is below the growth of the economy. In 95 we had a 7% deficit and in 98, only 3%. We founded the euro and complying, without cheating.


This crisis was due to the excessive indebtedness of Spain. In 2008 we lost the elections for telling the truth and in 2011 we were much worse off. We collected a deficit of 9.6 and when we left the Government in 2018, we left it at 2.7.

What did?

Unleverage the economy, remove it from debt.

With an absolute majority, they could have made more profound reforms.

The confidence that the Spanish give us with Aznar and Rajoy is for us to face the crises.

In Catalonia they were soft.

It was a matter of prioritizing economic recovery and not getting into the rag. From politics I have learned that if you have a great goal, do not mix it with others.

The independence movement.

It is a legitimate feeling, but feelings are modulated with reason and you have to understand what is good for you and the strength you have. This modulation clearly failed them.


In a country in which the left and center-left occupy a very broad spectrum, the PP has to be able to concentrate the non-socialist vote.

It doesn't matter anymore, but Pablo Iglesias.

The world exists and you cannot redefine it every day. Iglesias realizes his inability to do what he wanted to do and that is why he leaves.

The future.

Before the pandemic, we had quality growth, higher than the European average, creating jobs and not exacerbating inequalities. A positive balance of payments without inflation. You have to go back to this starting box. When we recover GDP, we must insist on budgetary stability, savings, control of the price of energy and labor relations that do not undermine the confidence of international investors. Notice that now the Government no longer wants to repeal the labor reform. We are already on something else. Good.


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