July 25, 2021

Cristino de Vera inaugurates his exhibition at CaixaForum – La Provincia

Cristino de Vera inaugurates his exhibition at CaixaForum - La Provincia

The painter Cristino de Vera, which some consider a anchorite of painting, points out that art "is a way of praying and of expressing a feeling of undefined religiosity, without a god with a declared name", and that mystique is what radiates its exhibition To the silence, that this Tuesday inaugurates CaixaForum.

At 87, Cristino de Vera, who was born in Santa Cruz of Tenerife and is settled in Madrid For decades, has managed to find in the center of the capital, where is the headquarters of CaixaForum, amid the noise, you can find the visitor with a room full of light, quiet and beauty that invite to the recollection with the almost 50 works of the artist, between paintings and ink drawings, created in recent years.

Some works full of silence and nudity, with large empty spaces or with only one element, such as a skull, some cups, some candles, crosses, clouds or windows with the Teide behind, which serve the painter to meditate on the infiniteness of time and on the inexorability of death, but also on the power of beauty and light.

"Art is the shield more beautiful than man has to shield himself from pain; and the motor of art, of beauty, is to tear away fear, to lose that fear that always persecutes man, "said another painter who has difficulty in pigeonholed in some tendency and who has always been outside labels, circuits, groups , movements or ismos.
As the program of the exhibition in Madrid explains, "for some, it is the continuity of the tradition at the door of the XXI century, while, for others, it is the renewal of a language based on the figure, in the picture"

An entire work that has an identity stamp that "elevates it as one of the great creatorscontemporaries, and some paintings built with a pointillism Calm in light colors and harmonics alternating with clean, pure lines inks, plagued by meditation.

"I was born, then, in a place where nature, things, life itself, was an equation of light and shadows, of life and death, of peace and terror, of joy and melancholy, "says this creator in the catalog.

Cristino de Vera was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1931. He began his artistic training in School of Arts and Crafts in 1946, where he had to Mariano de Cossío as your first teacher.

Established in Madrid in 1951, he frequented the studies of Vázquez Díaz and the free academies of Cason and the Circle of Fine Arts, and the School of Fine Arts.

His artistic recognition came in 1993, when the National Museum-Centro de Arte Reina Sofía from Madrid he dedicated a solo exhibition, which would be followed by a show about his drawings in the Atlantic Center of Modern Art from The Gran Canarian palms.

In 1997 he transferred a large part of his work to Government of the Canary Islands, on the condition that it is exhibited for the enjoyment and knowledge of all canaries.

This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog in which they write María José Salazar, Juan Manuel Bonet and Juan Cruz, who considers Vera a teacher for him, and with whom he establishes a broad dialogue, as an interview.
And in it says the artist, at 87: "I thought I had learned many things, I have been a modest disciple. Zurbarán. And I've learned that the arts have to be stupidity, of evil, of stupidity and success, the ego and the ego. Now it is all of such a great complexity, that we no longer know what is there, the door of total mystery opens up ".

Vera is a creator who loves peace, austerity and silence and who detests the false glitters.

In parallel to the exhibition, on October 25, the painter will discuss his work at the CaixaForum headquarters with the former director of the Cervantes Institute, art critic and historian Juan Manuel Bonet and with the poet, essayist and translator Andrés Sánchez-Robayna.


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