Cristina Ramos opens Christmas with a concert with the symphony and the support of Aquiles Machado – La Provincia

Singer Cristina Ramos will open Christmas in Gran Canaria with a concert with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra and with the support of artists such as tenor Aquiles Machado or Gerónimo Rauch.

The concert will be on December 21 at 9 p.m. Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, although the party will begin an hour earlier outside the enclosure with a large Red carpet and some musical surprise, as the representative of Ramos and one of the producers, Iñigo Irigoyen, advanced in the press conference.

The direction of the Orchestra will be in charge of Isabel Costes, who explained that the show has been divided into four blocks to take advantage of Cristina being "very complete". The first will be opera, the second musical, then a melodic section and to conclude a part of pop and rock.

In each block will go to sing along with Cristina a guest of "international" stature: the tenor Aquiles Machado in the opera part, the singer Paula Costes for the melodic section, the musical expert Gerónimo Rauch _protagonist of 'Les Miserables' and' The Phantom of the Opera 'in London, among others_ and Swingstar for the pop and rock part.

Costes stressed that Cristina is an "impressive artist" and a "wonderful person" to whom "you have to give wings to fly high."

Ramos explained that it is always a "pride to return home" and remarked that this show is for her a "huge Christmas gift in advance." He showed the "pampering" that the whole team has put forward to 'Christmas Symphony' and was convinced that it will be "fantastic."

Irigoyen advanced that the show will be "very American" with the "peculiarity of Gran Canaria and enjoy Christmas at 22 degrees this eternal spring."

It will be broadcast on television in both Spain and Latin America, where Canaria has triumphed after winning Got Talent Mexico.

The president of Cabildo of Gran CanariaAntonio Morales, wanted to emphasize that the singer, as "it usually happens to the big ones, does not forget her land", participating very recently in the tribute to those responsible for extinguishing the fire of Gran Canaria that devastated much of the center area of ​​the island.

Morales showed the support of the "Institution and the Island to this great initiative" and stressed that it is a show that is an "extraordinary promotion of the Island" and serves to "project values ​​of Gran Canaria and the city to through music. "

"It puts our land in value and makes tourism also continue to have the role it plays in our Gross Domestic Product," the island president concluded.


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