Cristina Pardo (La Sexta) apologizes for seeking Vox voters in Marinaleda: "We're wrong" | TV

Cristina Pardo (La Sexta) apologizes for seeking Vox voters in Marinaleda: "We're wrong" | TV

"Hello everyone, yesterday we were wrong, Marinaleda's report was unfortunate, and for that, my apologies." This has been the message launched on Monday on Twitter by the journalist of La Sexta Cristina Pardo after the critics launched against the program that directs in its last emission. The space was proposed to locate the 44 neighbors of the people of Seville, known for their leftism, who have voted for Vox in the last Andalusian elections. The tweet of the journalist has accumulated 1,613 retweets, 3,951 I like it Y 5,913 answers. Cristina Pardo, with 28,000 tweets, has the whole morning on the list of trending topics

"Given the result, it is clear that this report should never have been issued, and we would like to reiterate our sincere apologies to all those people who have been offended. has tweeted the program address. "The intention of the program was not to harm anyone at any time, but to show how and why this training had grown in a traditionally left-wing town", add in the same social network.

Marinaleda, with 2,700 inhabitants, is governed by the trade unionist Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo since 1979. In the Andalusian elections, Adelante Andalucía received 992 votes, 68.7%, followed by the PSOE with 207 votes (14.34%). Vox received the support of 44 voters and with the help of neighbors a reporter from Program Liarla Pardo He proposed to find them. "It seems impossible mission to find the Vox 44, but we keep asking the neighbors," he said at the beginning of the video. The program saw how the villagers guide her to some houses where she tries unsuccessfully to talk to them. "Why do not you want to talk? Are you afraid of retaliation?" The journalist asked herself.

After the broadcast, the social networks were filled with comments that compared the report with the hunting of the Jews and demanded responsibilities. "What is going to be the next? Are you going to mark all the houses of the Vox voters in green?" A Twitterist asked himself. "No, it's not a Research Team looking for narcos, it's Liarla Pardo ", criticized another.


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