March 1, 2021

Cristina Fernández says that Argentina will not tolerate four more years of "abuse"

Vice President Cristina Fernández is convinced that Argentines will not want to continue tolerating four more years of "mistreatment" with the policies applied by the ruling party, as he declared this Saturday during the presentation of his book "Sincerely" in the city of Mendoza (West).

"I honestly don't believe that societies commit suicide. I don't think people can imagine four more years with these policies, four more years going to the supermarket with these prices (…). I am absolutely convinced that people will not want to continue tolerating this abuse, "said the former president (2007-2015).

"Come back, let's go back," thousands of attendees sang just before the former governor began speaking at the Francisco de San Martín Congress and Exhibition Center.

Fernández, who will appear from the Frente de Todos to the October elections in formula with Alberto Férnandez as president, said the food situation in Argentina is "the same as in Venezuela."

"The essential is invisible to the eyes," said the candidate in honor of the popular phrase in the book "The Little Prince" to explain that the Argentine people lack basic needs, among which food and work stood out.

His book, he explained, tells how since the victory of Mauricio Macri in the elections of 2015 the patterns of consumption were modified because "the money is not enough".

He defined the Government's strategy as "a true sociological experiment" that ended up convincing society "that the taxes of the rich should be lowered" and made the working middle class accept that before "it paid very little light," which Surprise the exmandataria.

"We want to have Argentina again where we could dream of becoming a professional or middle class if you were born in a poor home," he said.

"It is mistreatment that people cannot eat in a country like Argentina. It is abuse. We are not in Africa or in a desert wasteland. If we raise food for 400 million people we cannot have hunger problems," he insisted.

Fernández added that during her tenure as president and her husband Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007) managed to control the problems of indebtedness and employment.

"We had a manageable debt and we had reopened the industrial issue in Argentina again," he said after indicating that unemployment at the end of his term in 2015 was 5.9% and the debt was equivalent to 13% of gross domestic product.

"The disaster is done and we have to put this to heart, take off everyone and give people the hope that a different Argentina is possible and we need it," he concluded.

Likewise, Fernández and the writer Marcelo Figueras, who accompanied her during the presentation of her book, recalled the words published yesterday by the media of the "ultra-orthodox" Argentine economist, Guillermo Calvo, an academic at Columbia University.

"Macri has not shown any ability to handle this situation, rather it has made it worse … I am not in favor of Cristina or her people, but I must admit one thing: suddenly, Cristina is the best thing that can go to the country. "

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