January 19, 2021

Cristina Aristoy, from Singularu, winner of the eWoman Online Business Award – La Provincia

Cristina Aristoy, from Singularu, winner of the eWoman Online Business Award - La Provincia

Cristina Aristoy, winner of the eWoman awards. Photo: Iván Emery

The jewelry brand Singularu has achieved in just four years invoice more than 3.5 million euros. The company, founded by Cristina Aristoand with Paco Torno, he started his business in the digital world but they have already opened six physical stores. At 30, Aristoy has created a jewelery brand that has managed to penetrate among the youngest.

What does it mean for you to have won the eWoman prize in the Online Business category?

I loved it, I did not expect it. It's like the pat on the back. In the end, after five years, it is like work bears fruit.

What do you think the jury has taken into account to grant you this distinction?

Maybe I am a young person who has started his business and with a lot of effort, to start being nothing, now we have online store, 6 physical and we are in full expansion.

What has been the key to Singularu's success?

I do not know, if I knew, I think we would be doing it every day. I think the key to success has been the Constant work and surround ourselves with people who had the same illusion as us.

Have you always imagined 'undertaking' or arose by chance?

Now I say that it came about by chance, but my friends have reminded me that no, it's something that you see that I was inside. But I think that, if they had told me, I do not know if I would have believed it.

Would you encourage other women to start?

Of course, I think there is nothing more beautiful than creating something and watching it grow.

What do you feel when you meet someone and see one of your designs?

Joy. In Valencia it is very easy to see someone with Singularu, we have a large network and more and more. But when you leave Valencia and see girls wearing Singularu it's amazing. In fact, what happened to us when we came to Madrid and We were looking for a place to open the store, looking at the areas, we saw a girl wearing the Singularu necklace (in the neighborhood of Salamanca) and we knew that this was our area.

In 10 years, how do you imagine Singularu?

Being an international brand at all levels with the offline and the on-line. A butt with everything.

How do you value the eWoman initiative?

Every time I think these things are valued more. When you are here you realize how important it is to make the woman visible and make them referents. That other women have references and that men also see those references in girls.


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