May 10, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo victim for not being able to leave Portugal

The footballer had gone to Madeira to be with his family taking advantage of the slowdown in Italian football

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken advantage of the break in the Italian League to go to Portugal, Madeira and be with his family, after the bad medical drink his mother has had with the stroke. But the striker has not expected that everything has been complicated by the coronavirus and could not return to Italy, at first. Although there is no League match in Italy, Juve is preparing for next week’s match in the Champions League, which is supposed to be played behind closed doors and in which the Italian team has to come from 1-0 in the first leg against Lyon.

But Cristiano could not leave, because the authorities did not leave him, however the striker seemed to have obtained a special permit to fly in his private plane to Turin. Lhe latest news says that he is in quarantine, due to the positive of Rugani and cannot leave his country.

Her partner, Georgina Rodríguez, had posted idyllic images on her home in Portugal on Instagram.


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