October 22, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo: "Removing Joao Felix, any player is worth 100 million today without having done anything" – La Provincia

The Portuguese Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, said that the current market in the world of football has changed a lot at the economic level and that now, except for the case of his young compatriot Joao Felix, signed by the Atlético de Madrid for 120 million, "Any player is worth 100 without showing anything"

"Leaving aside the case of Joao Felix, today any player is worth 100 million and without having proven anything. There is more money in football and a goalkeeper or a central are worth many millions, but that is the market and we have to respect it," stressed Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with the Portuguese television 'TVI'.

In this sense, that of Madeira, by which the Real Madrid He paid almost 100 million in 2009, he doesn't know what his quote would be today. "It is difficult to calculate. Now you bet a lot on the potential of the player because the football industry has changed a lot. If a goalkeeper is worth 75 million, a player who is at his peak and has done what I am in recent years is worth between three and four times more, "he warned.

The international also made it clear that his optimal financial situation makes him opt for soccer destinations beyond what he can charge. "I need projects that appeal to me and that of Juventus attracted me. It was another challenge because I won in England and Spain and now I win again in Italy and I win again. No one had done that and Cristiano did it ", he said, noting that he has no thought when he will retire. "It may be next year or when I am 40 years old," he said.


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