Cristiano Ronaldo, open case for violation

The night in which Cristiano allegedly raped Kathryn Mayorga goes back to 2009, in a hotel suite in Las Vegas, but he always claimed that it was consensual sex. The lawsuit did not see the light until 2017, when the newspaper "Der Spiegel" published the document in which Mayorga would have agreed to his silence in exchange for 325,000 euros with the soccer player's lawyers, something that they denied. Now, the accusation returns to the present time, again from the hands of the «Spiegel», who publishes an interview with Mayorga (34 years) in which he tells how the alleged anal rape occurred and the official demand is attached with the electronic stamp of the 27th. September, 32 pages, by which a Nevada court had initiated legal action against Cristiano Ronaldo.

The facts for which the player is sued date back to June 12, 2009. When Mayorga, who was then 24 years old, went with a friend to the nightclub Rain and met Cristiano. She says that Cristiano invited a group of people to his suite to "enjoy the views" and then to a hot tub. When Mayorga was changing, according to his version, the soccer player asked for oral sex. And by refusing, he raped her.


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