Cristiano Ronaldo dresses up the 'Theater of Dreams'

Poster at Old Trafford with Cristiano and Varane featured.

Poster at Old Trafford with Cristiano and Varane featured.

The weekend in England has a name and it is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Premier League delightedly awaits the return of the Portuguese star, although the one who rubs his hands the most is the Manchester United in general, and the Glazer family in particular. At Old Trafford, they have spared no effort to make this Saturday one of the most momentous moments of the remainder of the season.

After announcing the signing in the last hours of transfer market, the red devils have not stopped. Nine days ago they began with the announcement of the number: Cristiano will continue to be 'CR7' after Edinson cavani give you the number, or drop it under the inevitable pressures of marketing. The next day, dozens of people were queuing at the club's store.

"I would like to be a starter, I will pressure and give reasons to Solskjaer for it"

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo anticipated his return from the Portuguese team to land in Manchester last Friday. On Tuesday he showed up in Carrington, United's sports city, to greet Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and participate in your first training. On Wednesday he signed his new contract. On Thursday he was taken to Old Trafford, where he proceeded to a photoshoot and left his first words. This Friday there were still queues in the outskirts of Old Trafford before 10 in the morning, the opening time of the club shop.

In short: the Christian phenomenon has not stopped for a day, and this Saturday comes the highlight. The Portuguese made it clear that he does not want half measures: “I would like to be a starter, I will pressure and give reasons to Solskjaer for it”. The Norwegian coach responded, but did not reveal his plan: "He will be on the field at some point, I can assure you of this."

His re-debut in the Premier will be the longest comeback in league history. No one has returned to the competition 12 years and 118 days after his last crash. With all the lights that Cristiano's return has generated, England has not eluded its greatest shadow. The Guardian, The Independent or The Athletic have been some of the media that have recalled the status of the rape accusations against Ronaldo. The events, which occurred in 2009, in Las Vegas, are still pending a final resolution in court.

A story for the Glazers

Cristiano's return, however, is too beautiful not to be told with pride from a club in need of idols. And above all, also, for the Glazers. The family that owns Manchester United, has had in Cristiano Ronaldo the only positive news under his reign in the last five years. After suffering field invasions and protests demanding his head after the European Super League fiasco, the Americans have managed to generate a history in their favor.

Poster in the main stand at Old Trafford, Manchester United's home ground. DPA

English club sources admit that United approached the signing of Cristiano only when they realized that he was going to sign for Manchester City. Ronaldo was desperate to join Guardiola's project, and so he made it clear to the heavenly environment. While they asked for time to make room for him, the Glazers appeared with a firm offer, instantaneous and superior to that of the neighbors. Then came the protocol, the call from Sir Alex Ferguson to his godson and a good solution for all: Ronaldo came out of his hell at Juventus, United prevented their latest hero from changing sides.

The image of Cristiano Ronaldo already presides over the main façade of the Theater of Dreams, imposing, preventing anyone from wondering if CR7 was the footballer United needed. Really because today this is secondary: having the option of a happy ending, sometimes, can make it all worthwhile.


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