August 4, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the top scorer in football history

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates one of his goals against Inter.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates one of his goals against Inter.

The Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo has become this Tuesday the top scorer in football history, in an official match, thanks to his double against Inter Milan in the first leg of the semifinals in the Italian Cup, beating the Austro-Czech Josef Bican and the Brazilian Pelé, authors of 762 targets each.

Ronaldo, the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid, totals 763, a figure that allows him to lead the historical ranking of scorers although the Czech Federation disagrees on Bican’s figures, which is awarded 821, still 58 points above the Madeira player.

Cristiano has distributed his goals in the following way: five with Sporting de Portugal; 118 with Manchester United, registered 451 with Real Madrid, and now has 87 with Juventus in Turin. In addition, internationally he accumulates 102 with the Portuguese team, with which he is champion of Europe and the League of Nations.

In this historic ranking of scorers, Cristiano ranks first ahead of Bican and Pelé, while Romario is the fourth with the most goals (740) and of Lionel messi, who has 720, all of them with Barcelona and the Argentine team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s double, the first of them achieved from the penalty spot, gives Juventus license to gain an advantage for the second leg. Lautaro Martínez had advanced to the ‘neroazzurri’ at nine minutes but it was of no use due to the Juventine response led by CR7.


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