Cristiano is launched, will he arrive in March like this?

Cristiano is launched, will he arrive in March like this?

He has not lost Juve Cristiano Ronaldo in the first round of the League, which closes as leader with 17 wins and two draws. Against Sampdoria it cost him a lot and he had to wait for the VAR to annul the goal of the draw, but in the end the match was 2-1, the two goals, of the Portuguese striker. "I like the VAR because it helps limit errors. But for the referees it is difficult to analyze everything that happens in the matches, you have to let them work calmly, "said the top scorer of the tournament, with 14 goals in 19 games and Juve with 53 points, a record in Italian football. "We have done very well in this first round, we have won almost every game and we are a very solid team, but the season is long. Now we must maintain high concentration, work calmly to achieve glorious goals, "continued the forward, who is giving a much better performance than expected, at least in the first quarter of the championship. Calcio closes the first round with two days in the Christmas holidays and will not play a league match until the weekend of January 19. Yes there will be Coppa, but Italy has wanted to imitate English football and give away football now that the little ones are on vacation.

That Juve is the leader of their league and that they have more options than anyone to win it is not a surprise and for that it was not even necessary to sign Cristiano for 100 million. It takes seven scudettos followed, so the eighth, which is on the way, is nothing but routine for the great dominator of a competition that does not go through its best moments. It was intended that the arrival of Ronaldo change Italian football and return part of the glamor or competitiveness that he had 10 years ago, but what the Portuguese has done is to enlarge the differences between Juve and the rest of Italian teams.

What the Italian team was looking for is for Cristiano to mark the differences from now on. In the penultimate match of the League, Allegri left him on the bench at the beginning to give him rest, but then had to take him out to the field to draw. "I think this year has been his best start at the level of goals and numbers, but we want it to reach the top in March, when the decisive stage of the Champions. It will have to be as decisive, as it has been in recent years, "said the coach that day. Now Ronaldo can score all the goals he wants: the goal is to be fine in the second part of the season. That is what will give meaning to your signing.


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