Crisis in the Alcobendas City Council with the councilors of Ciudadanos a la brawl

The Alcobendas City Council has been involved in an internal crisis caused by the councilors of Ciudadanos, who do not want the until now deputy mayor of the consistory, Miguel Ángel Arranz, of his own party, to become mayor of the city within a few days by virtue of the Government pact that they signed in 2019 with the PSOE. That agreement stipulated that the Socialists would govern for two years and the Arrimadas for the other two years.

Just when the moment of replacement has arrived, the socialist mayor, Rafael Sánchez Acera, has decided to undertake a "restructuring" by displacing Arranz to other positions and stripping him of the vice mayor's office. As a result of that decision, an uncomfortable situation has been unleashed within the Citizens' own group where the four remaining councilors have not objected to these changes. Arranz, who has also been forced to leave the spokesperson for his group, has announced that he will fight.

In a press release made public on Monday, "the municipal government" announced the restructuring of its organization chart "with the aim of continuing to work for and for Alcobendas and face future challenges and projects with a coordinated and cohesive team." In this way, Aitor Retolaza, from Ciudadanos, until now 4th deputy mayor and councilor for Citizen Security, among other powers, becomes deputy mayor (1st deputy mayor) and new spokesperson for Ciudadanos and expands his powers by taking charge of the delegations of Urbanism, Housing, Spatial Planning, Licensing and Democratic Regeneration, previously held by Arranz. According to the statement, Arranz will only be kept as "Councilor for Institutional Relations with San Sebastián de los Reyes."

The full investiture for the imminent replacement has yet to be convened. In this municipality the PP has 10 councilors; the PSOE, with 9; Citizens, with 5; Vox, with two and Podemos with one. The PP adding Vox could not prevent the Government pact that the two parties closed from being carried out. But since there is a tie after Arranz's unchecking, the vote remains in the hands of Podemos councilman Eduardo Andradas, so that Aitor Retolaza will foreseeably become the new mayor of Alcobendas.

Arranz's first reaction after being stripped of his posts has been to announce that he will stand for the mayoral election, challenging his own colleagues, who do not support him because they do not see him with the right profile.

Alcobendas is one of the most important cities in the region, with more than 117,000 inhabitants. Thanks to the pact with the PSOE, it will now be in the hands of Ciudadanos, which has been left without representation in the Madrid Assembly in the last regional elections and practically without any important mayor's office in the capital.

In Villaviciosa de Odón, the PP snatched the most important mayoralty of the nine that they achieved in the region in the middle of last January, by virtue of a motion of censure that was supported by Vox. With this, those of Casado extended the hostile bid that they had initiated against Ciudadanos.

The motion of censure against the former councilor, José Luis Pérez Viu, prospered thanks to the votes of PP and Vox, and gave the baton of command to the popular Raúl Martín Galán.


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