Cries for help to save the future | Culture

Cries for help to save the future | Culture

The weather we live is so pregnant with clouds that the ceremony of delivery of the Princess of Asturias Awards it was plagued with cries for help to save the future. Since the appeals of Sylvia A. Earle (Concord prize) or Alma Guillermoprieto (Communication and Humanities), one from the bottom of the oceans and the other in the trench of journalism. From the warning of the danger that democracy suffers from the professor and philosopher Michael J. Sandel (Social Sciences) to the warning against the windmills of frivolity and technology that he wielded from the armor and the quixotic spear of his cinema Martin Scorsese (Arts), all agreed to appeal to young people to save the furniture of the future.

Alma Guillermoprieto thanked for 40 years of journalism. It was never a comfortable job and he has seen some of his most beloved friends and compatriots fall, like the Mexican Javier Valdez. But he does not lower his arms: "Where they kill one, in the long run, they usually leave two".

So his office is as much or more a matter of testadurez than dexterity. That is why he has stopped trying to convince young people not to get into trouble and lead a more peaceful life: "If before I tried to dissuade them, today, however, I tell them, do it, give it to them, because we tell the history of the world , because we record what others want to cover, because we are the antidote to social networks with their immediacy and their empowerment of rage. Because we need, "he said.

Maybe so they will not ask us later, as Sylvia A. Earle, who is nicknamed the Lady of the Oceans, points out: "In 50 years, today's children can look back and ask themselves: Why did not you do something while there was still time? ? Or on the contrary: Thank you for the wisdom of protecting Earth when there was still an opportunity to do so. " Everything, according to the researcher and watchdog of the health of the seas, "when the actions taken in the next 10 years determine our future for the next 10,000".

Surely then you can still see the films of Martin Scorsese. But it will be at a time when you will already have it cataloged as a great classic. The filmmaker also looked to the future in his speech: "For now, young filmmakers, what a time! How many opportunities they have! "

But precisely for that, what danger. "I am worried about the past of the cinema itself and very worried about its future," he warned. "The weather, today's environment. The images flood our life. But everything has become content, a word that I despise. Now that cinema is continually devaluing itself and at the same time technology allows anyone to make a film, what does this mean for young people? What type of inspiration do they receive? How do we change that poisonous climate that surrounds us for one in which an artist can follow the light that he has inside, that spark, that soul, his elf? "

All the winners

Arts Award. The director of cinema Martin Scorsese.

Communication and Humanities Award. The journalist Alma Guillermoprieto.

International Cooperation Award. To the health aid organizations in Africa: Amref Health Africa (Global) and Amref Salud Africa (Spain).

Sports Prize The climbers Reinhold Messner and Krzystof Wielicki.

Prize of the Letters. The writer Fred Vargas.

Research and Technical Prize. The biologist Svante Pääbo.

Social Sciences Award The philosopher Michael J. Sandel.

Award of Concord. The sea biologist Sylvia A. Earle.


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