Creative freedom and diversity are cited at the 19th Film Festival - La Provincia

Creative freedom and diversity are cited at the 19th Film Festival - La Provincia

The 19th edition of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will start simultaneously on Friday, March 22 in the Pérez Galdós Theater, the Monopol Cinemas, the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, the Guiniguada Theater and the Literary Cabinet with all its sections, with the exception of the Official Section that can be enjoyed as of Monday, March 25.

Thus, on March 22 will begin the competition of Canarias Cinema, the projections of the titles included in Magic lantern, Déjà vu, Panorama Y Panorama Spain, the presentations and exhibitions of the retrospectives dedicated to David OReilly, Héléne Cattet and Bruno Forzani, as well as the cycle Cinema and filias, carte blanche of the grancanario festival to the legendary program Días de Cine. During the first weekend, in addition, the third edition of the Almost Made Film Market (MECAS), the sixth edition of the Monopol Music Festival and the first Canary Islands Summit will be inaugurated, all under the umbrella of an appointment that is reserved its Official Section, the password of its programming, to the days that go of Monday 25 to Sunday 31 of March.

Therefore, one more year, the track record will be presented step by step, giving visibility to the Richard Leacock prizes of the Canarian section of the Festival in the first place, continuing with the failures of MECAS and Isla MECAS, and ending with the evaluation of the Official Section in an act of closure that, for the first time, becomes a public reading of the proceedings followed by a cocktail with the participants at noon on Saturday 30.

The Festival, in this way, underlines its commitment to a philosophy that is determined by the commitment to talent, with a cinema that is born without a commercial vocation, that moves away from conventions and that turns the festival of cinema into a party to live and enjoy. in the halls, away from celebrities and red carpets.

Again, the poster will be signed by the national comic prize, Rayco Pulido, and will hit the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a small nod to one of the greats, Jonas Mekas, one of the most outstanding exponents of experimental cinema, who died at the end of last January. Also the inaugural act, which will be presented by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, and a pass in special session of his work Walden (USA, 1968, 180 min.) Will remember this key figure who defended, from his position as a filmmaker, freedom and creativity without limits in the cinema.

Among the special sessions, the Festival also includes a tribute to its Lady Harimaguada of honor 2009: Bruno Ganz, with the screening of a jewel of cinema starring the performer, the masterpiece The sky over Berlin, by Win Wenders (Germany) , France, 1986, 128 min.).

Official Section

This commitment to cinema without corsets, which assumes style risks and seizes new languages, in turn is the one that has determined the selection of the 12 works that will be disputed the prizes Lady Harimaguada of 2019. Works that show the richness and diversity of international production and that brings the viewer closer to the cinema that rises outside the commercial circuit.

Likewise, the Official Section ignores any territorial border and continues to explore the drifts of European cinema with the co-production between Spain and Mexico Love me not, by Lluís Miñarro, Lady Harimaguada de Honor 2011; two French titles, the film by François Ozon Grâce à Dieu, that arrives directly from the Berlin Festival, and Paul Sanchez est Revenu! by Patricia Mazuy; includes a work of a cinematography that is revealed as a paradigm of cinema in all its rigor, the Portuguese film A Portuguese, by Rita Azevedo, selected by Berlin and Mar del Plata; as well as a co-production between Kazakhstan, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands: Ozen / The River, by Emir Baigazin; and the co-production of the Balkans Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina Šavovis / Stitches Miroslav Terzi, also present in the last edition of Berlin.

The Festival recovers the essence of what was once called the newest USA, with the selection of the North American The Mountain, by Rick Alverson, and traces the prolific work that is being developed in Latin America with titles from Argentina: To own house by Rosendo Ruiz, Colombia: Pyrotechnics, by Federico Atehortúa Arteaga and a co-production between Chile and Brazil: Historia de mi nombre, by Karin Cuyul.

Asian cinematography will be represented by The Fragile House / Hai Shang Cheng Shi, by Lin Zi and a co-production between Qatar and the African country Lesotho, by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese: Mother I am Suffocating. This Is my last Film about you.

As revealed by the members of the selection committee, the Official Section will have "raw operas and authors with great tour, small productions and big budgets, stories narrated with found footage and careful staging", without any common link except that it is "stories built around characters in which their protagonists have a great weight." The rest of the programming can be consulted on the website of the Las Palmas Film Festival:


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