February 28, 2021

Create Free Group Video Conference Calls with One Click!

Free Call Me Screenshot

We look at a new service that provides the creation of free group video conference calls with only 1 click.

Whether you want to chat with your family and friends through video chat or maybe you need to create a video conference call for work colleagues, Free Call Me is a new service that allows just that, easily with only one click.

Browser based means that you don’t need to download any software or app to make a call. All you need is an internet connection and Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari browser.

The service is completely free and allows unlimited calling time for upto 20 chatters in each video conference. Very simple to use, just choose from the two buttons, “Private Call” or “Group Call” and you are presented with your call link. Send that link to people you want to video chat with. When they click that link they automatically connect to your one to one or group video conference call.

Free Call Me

Using what is called “WebRTC” the service connects you browser to browser without relying on any third party server. The faster your internet speed, the higher quality calls you achieve. Also through this setup, no data is stored on any servers, your calls are not only unlimited and free they are also completely private.

You can make personal one to one video calls or create a video conference with upto 20 people at a time.

We expect to see some big things coming for Free Call Me due to the user friendliness, simplicity and quality of service. If it remains free, time will tell. As of writing this there is no registration, no donation button, no fees and no advertising.