July 24, 2021

Create a system that avoids CO2 emissions when preparing liquid fuel

Create a system that avoids CO2 emissions when preparing liquid fuel

An international group of scientists has succeeded in developing a catalyst that almost completely reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the passage of coal to liquid fuels, the Science Advances magazine reported today.

The catalyst, made of iron, manages to avoid the immense majority of CO2 generation, something that was common until now in these conversion processes in which up to 30% of the carbon was converted into CO2 without the possibility of using it at the energy level in a beneficial way

The novelty of this system is that the apparatus consists of pure iron, while in those used so far this material was only one of the elements that integrated it.

Thus, pure iron manages to capture this CO2 and almost completely avoid emissions during the production of liquid fuel, according to research by experts from the National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy in Beijing (China) and the University of Technology of China. Eindhoven (Netherlands), who were the authors of the work.

This catalyst had already been raised before, but, according to the publication, it is the first time that it is achieved that it works in a stable way.

According to the developers, this could mean a saving of about 29 million dollars a year for a standard conversion plant.


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