January 24, 2021

Create a registry to identify risk factors for mortality from COVID-19

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) has launched a registry, in which more than 600 researchers from almost 200 Spanish hospitals from all regions participate, to identify risk factors for mortality and clinical complications in patients admitted by COVID -19.

In a statement, the SEMI explains that the registry will allow to obtain “in a coordinated way” and under “homogeneous and extrapolated” parameters, the main data on the prognostic factors of the patients, as well as the main features that define the clinic of the people recovered and died from pathology.

According to the president of this society, Ricardo Gómez, the project will serve to give “a greater and better clinical and therapeutic response” to the coronavirus and place internists also “in the forefront of the research field.”

With the SEMI-COVID-19 Registry, the SEMI explains that it will be possible to carry out a “large observational and retrospective study” to guide “more” health professionals in making decisions about the management and treatment of patients in a at which time the scientific evidence available on the virus is still “scarce”.

The variables that will be collected in the SEMI-COVID-19 Registry are mainly included in fields such as medical history, clinical parameters and laboratory data or complementary tests and will allow various research hypotheses to be proposed.

The results will guide professionals to agree on new protocols for handling detected cases.


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