Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Create a giant beetle with recycled material - La Provincia

Create a giant beetle with recycled material - La Provincia

The Portuguese artist Bordalo II has created a giant beetle with recycled materials on one of the facades of the Cruz del Carmen visitor center, in the surroundings of the Rural Park of Anaga (Tenerife).

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This has been reported by the Environment Department of the Island Corporation, which adds that it is the fourth work of this artist on the island and that have been commissioned to raise awareness among the population about the negative effects of plastics on the planet.

The work represents on a large scale a beetle Carabus faustus, an endemic species of the rural parks of Anaga and Teno and that is in danger of extinction.

In this way, the materials used in the creation process have been vehicle bumpers, traffic signs in disuse, garbage containers, among other elements.

Through this composition, it is intended to warn of the damage caused by the garbage that is generated on the planet to this type of species, which try to survive and avoid their disappearance in their usual ecosystem.


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