January 24, 2021

Creams for vegans | Economy

Creams for vegans | Economy

Miquel Antolin, Mireia Trepat and Joan Miralles had it clear, they wanted to start. With just 25 years old and fresh out of the Faculty of Chemistry of Tarragona began looking for ideas for a business. "At the beginning we thought about launching a technological project, but we did not have enough knowledge", explains Antolín. They saw the light when they noticed the popularity of the natural cosmetics that Antolin's mother sold to friends and family. "When we set up the company three years ago, there were hardly any brands that made this type of product, although now there is a boom" In February 2016 they launched Freshly Cosmetics, one of the first brands of cosmetic products free of synthetic components and suitable for vegans.

The first thing they did was to look for a laboratory to make cosmetic articles without synthetic components. "They looked at us very strange at first and told us that the costs of making the product were going to be very high," continues Antolín. These suppliers did not count on that they thought to sell the cosmetics in a on-line to save costs. "Not having to pay intermediaries gave us a very important competitive advantage," he says. The products they commercialize are 99% natural, their only artificial components are preservatives.

They got the funding to start thanks to the 70,000 euros from friends, family, prizes and a bank loan. They also organized a crowdfunding on the Kickstarter website, which allows launching crowdfunding campaigns, with which they scraped 10,000 euros more. For the first sales they combined their website with the distribution in stores, which they left soon. "We prefer to market the product ourselves to better explain the client's properties," says the entrepreneur. Today they handle 15,000 orders per month, which is about 40,000 items. Antolin points out that one of the keys to its success has been social networks. "Instagram helped us a lot to grow. Thanks to the publications of our clients, other users of the Network know us ".

Freshly has grown a lot since 2016, when it invoiced 30,000 euros and generated 4,000 euros of profit. In 2017 it sold for 1.3 million and won 15,000 euros. In 2018 it reached four million and 280,000 euros of profit. The company has 65 employees and in the autumn it will open its first physical store in Barcelona.


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