Crawling at the bottom of the sea discovers a cover and a diving bottle of Gimeno

The confirmation that both effects are property of Tomás Gimeno was advanced yesterday by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, in a ceremony held in Murcia. Said objects have been transferred to the Criminalistics Service of the aforementioned security body in Madrid for a rigorous analysis. Both the air reservoir and the textile piece are well preserved, since they had only been on the seabed for a short time. As of yesterday afternoon, no other object of interest had been located.

María Gámez confirms that the work of 'Ángeles Alvariño' will continue until June 14


A question that now arises is to know what Gimeno could use the air bottle and the tied duvet cover for. The former head of the Specialized Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard in the Las Palmas Command, Juan Ortega Machín, explained that a full oxygen tank for divers can weigh about 14 kilos, while if it is empty it can stay in about 200 grams less. In Machín's opinion, in the hypothetical case that Gimeno had wanted to use the aforementioned effect to weigh something down, he could do so without any problem. There are times when this ballast can be done with four or five kilos. In the event that the object to be weighted is inside a sheet or duvet cover, with which air pockets are generated, the weight must be several kilos more so that it reaches the bottom well. About three miles off the coast of the Tenerife capital, depths can range between 600 and 1,100 meters, explains Machín.

As EL DÍA announced yesterday, the oceanographic vessel Ángeles Alvariño will continue the work of tracking the seabed off the capital of Tenerife, thanks to the discovery of last Monday. The general director of the Civil Guard confirmed that the ship of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) will continue its underwater inspection until June 14. It should be remembered that, initially, his work on this matter was scheduled to end yesterday.

The area in which he has scanned with the side scan sonar and the inspection with the Liropus robot covers about ten square miles (about 34 square kilometers), based on the geopositioning of Tomás Gimeno's phone at night and in the early morning of the facts, where he got in touch with his ex-wife, his family and friends. He told the first that he would never see his daughters or him again, while with his loved ones and friends he had words of farewell.

Vessel 'Ángeles Alvariño' off Santa Cruz de Tenerife. | | CARSTEN W. LAURITSEN

In the last two days, Ángeles Alvariño has carried out the search in the same point and the surroundings of where the diving bottle and the duvet cover appeared. Identifying the diver's air reservoir has not been a complex task for researchers. María Álvarez belongs to the company Inairpres, which is dedicated to the inspection and control of this type of products. Álvarez clarifies that these bottles must pass an annual inspection, in which a certificate of their correct condition is issued and an adhesive is placed on it.

In addition, every three years they have to undergo another control, in which a volumetric expansion hydraulic test is carried out. That is, it is filled with water at the pressure stated by the manufacturer to know if the metal in the bottle is deformed or not. If it is confirmed that the metal does not expand, then the inspection companies stamp by impact the date on which the test was made, the expiration date and its seal. A certificate is also issued that includes the name of the owner of the air tank, the serial number of the product and its capacity. The punching is carried out in the nose, or curve of the upper part of the bottle. Each company must keep a record of its activity, thanks to which it is known who each warehouse belongs to, as if it were an ITV station.

An air reservoir for divers weighs about 14 kilos, enough to weigh other effects


Yesterday, on the Facebook page that publishes messages and images about the missing minors, another text from the mother could be read: “So many dreams to live my Oli, so much to share together with your sister Anna, the three of you together. The three of them living like any family, that's all I ask. Now my only dream is that we are together and that, whatever the future awaits us, nothing separates us ”.

Joaquín Amills, spokesperson for the mother of the girls, Beatriz Zimmermann, and president of SOSDesaparecidos, explained that said woman had nothing to say about the findings of last Monday. And it was not until yesterday morning that he had been shown the duvet cover found on the seabed, in case he recognized it.

Based on what has transpired so far, in the searches made at the house and farm of Gimeno in Igueste de Candelaria, as well as on his car and his boat, no trace, evidence or indication of the whereabouts of the women was detected. three people. Hence the importance of the discovery of the diving bottle and the duvet cover owned by Tomás, on which an international search warrant was issued more than a month ago.


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